My name is Brian Davis --a mostly unknown author living in the Midwest who hopes to become a known author living in the Midwest.

On this here website you can expect links and news surrounding my past and upcoming releases, occasional short stories, and lots of talk about gaming and basically any topic that will give me an excuse to write. You can probably bet everything will be infused with a few too many Simpsons references, and the occasional reminder that I'd love for you to read and/or purchase my book, A Link to the Past: Stories of Growing Up Gamer.

Musically, I've written songs under my own name (2009-2010), the folk band, Something with Trees (2011-12), then under A Metropolitan Guide (2013-17), and now back to my own name again. Many of those songs can be found on the "Songs" page.

Currently sitting on my computer is my first novel, The Grand Revolution of Lakeside. It'll be done someday here soon. I hope you'll read it. 

Thanks for everything,

P.S If you would like to send pleasantries, or angry letters about my writing, please use the contact form in pull down menu at the top. Facebook works, too.